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Australian Match Official Training and Accreditation

Laws in Motion

Match Official Development

Match Official development programs in Australia are approved by the Australian Sports Commission under their National Officiating Accreditation Scheme covering both outdoor and Futsal officiating.

There are three groups of accreditation:
   •  Referee
   •  Assessor
   •  Instructor

There are two streams of accreditation.

Aimed at local junior, youth and senior football levels.
The training programs include:
   •  Level 4 Referee
   •  Level 3 Referee
   •  Level 3 Assessor
   •  Level 3 Instructor

Aimed at senior Association/Zone/Regional adult football as well as State and National competitions.
The training programs include:
   •  Level 2 Referee
   •  Level 1 Referee
   •  Level 2 Assessor
   •  Level 1 Assessor
   •  Level 2 Instructor

The Level 2 Referee and Level 1 Referee training programs are split into 'theory' and 'practical' components.  Those referees who wish to learn more about their craft may undertake the Level 2 (Theory) and Level 1 (Theory) components of the qualifications without the need to undertake the practical assessments or other modules.

If you want to learn more about the development programs and courses, you can visit the FFA website - www.footballaustralia.com.au, ask your Member Federation referee staff or local referee organisation.

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